Our fees are determined based on the level of care you receive, the lab(s) ordered and/or procedure(s) performed. Not all visits or procedures are covered by your insurance. If your visits and procedures are covered, your insurance may not pay for the entire costs. You may have to pay a co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance. If you are unsure of your coverage, please contact your insurance carrier to obtain the detail of your policy and determine what is covered.

Common Insurance Terminology associated with patients’ payment responsibility:

Co-payment: A set deposit amount your insurance requires to pay for the office or ER visits. Your co-payment is expected at check-in.

Deductible: Amount you pay out-of-pocket every year before your insurance start to pay for your medical expenses.

Co-insurance: The rate at which your insurance split medical expenses after you have met your deductible. (Example – 90/10 – Insurance pay 90% of the cost and you pay 10%).

Maximum out of pocket: The most you would have to pay for medical expenses. Once you have paid that maximum amount, your insurance should pay in full.

Payment Options: A simple, budget-friendly financing options gives patients a flexible way to pay. See if you qualify for a CareCredit credit card.


If you do not have health insurance coverage, please speak with our billing staff regarding available discounts for our Self-Pay patients.

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